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My Info

Jacob Holmes

6'4" 210lbs

NASM certified personal trainer

I (Jake) am a 23 year old that found my passion for fitness in 2017. I had always played sports throughout school, but was tall, skinny, and lanky for most of my life. After leaving for college, I had a realization that I was sick of being the "twig," as people referred to me as, and decided it was time for a change. I began working out, not having a clue what I was doing. But after a few months of consistency and research, I finally noticed some significant progress. I quickly became obsessed with exercise science and all of the intricacies that are involved with fitness. After years of trial and error, I've acquired a vast knowledge about proper training and nutrition, through both college education and personal research. Once I had a decent foundation, I began training friends or anyone that wanted help, and came to the conclusion that I not only loved working out, but even more so loved teaching and inspiring others to do the same. After college, I decided to follow my passion and became a NASM certified personal trainer in late 2021. I have since helped many people transform their bodies and their lives.

"It is my mission to help all people looking to change their life for the better achieve their fitness goals, no matter the individual or circumstances. Through years of experience and with the knowledge I've acquired along the way, I'm confident that, with my help, your dream body can become your reality."

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